1 month ago
intelliBars aims to serve the future with its 'perfect pour'

Great article and TV insert for our partners in Minnesota. Well done Intellibar Team!

A Minnesota company has acquired a license for a unique self-pouring beverage system that has caught the attention of big names like NASCAR.

2 months ago
IntelliCUP’s perfect serve solution looks to Australia - Food & Drink Business

IoT-based, ‘perfect serve’ system IntelliCUP is helping to manage consistency and waste for merchants and brewers, as well as responsible consumption for consumers.

2 months ago
SportsTech,COVID,Startupbootcamp | digital economy news | The Shift Media

Additional Press on the StartupBootcamp Programme in Australia! Great opportunities for tech to help revive events and venues through smart dispensing, driving profitability and engaging with ... See more

SportsTech startups will help fuel Melbourne and Australia's economic recovery as the nation emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, says Minister.

2 months ago
IntelliCUP 2020

A new corporate overview video! Enjoy.

What is intelliCUP?....a quick overview.

2 months ago
Digital dispensing: IntelliCUP improves customer experience - Startupbootcamp

Have you ever gone to a bar, stadium or venue, queued for half an hour and in the end, received a slightly flat, slightly warm beer? Queues can be a

2 months ago

Great day on a stills and video shoot programme for IntelliCUP. Waiting to get back to running commercially.....seems like the UK has some options lined up! Thanks #noongunbrew for the help.

3 months ago
PepsiMax test pours

Great test with the IntelliHead pouring PepsiMax today. Self kegged and decanted from a bottle and re pressurized and balanced (as its not normally kegged). Great pour, carbonation and mouth feel. ... See more

4 months ago
IntelliCup UK

Self-Serve will be the most hygienic way to get a pint at a pub after lockdown:
1 - Pick up a Clean Cup
2 - Link it to App to Pay Deposit
3 - Self-Pour Drink
4 - Unlink for Deposit Refund
So simple, ... See more

4 months ago
Startupbootcamp Interview Series: IntelliCUP – Bullpen

Great article by Bullpen Media in Australia linked to Startupbootcamp and opportunities in Australia and International.

One of the intriguing opportunities is that once we all start going back into stadia, arenas, festivals one of the major solutions is going to be contactless experiences and solutions. So it’s ... See more

5 months ago

IntelliCUP is proud announce that it has just been selected as one of the Top 10 Sports and Event Technology offerings at the Startupbootcamp Programme in Melbourne Australia. Of the initial 700 tech ... See more

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