Behind IntelliCUP™ is the innovative software that integrates the system.



The IntelliHub web management portal allows Merchants and linked operators to set the beverage price, beverage pouring volume, product descriptor, wash cycle timing and age limit as required (if pouring an alcohol). It also provides updates and reports on system performance and account financial management, on site or remotely.

The IntelliHub is accessed by Merchants / operators according to the sequenced IntelliHeads in their operation. This access will also provide real time or post event reports on user statistics such as cups docked, success rate, volume through the system and funds in the account. Reports can be generated per IntelliHead or per user set or per event as required.

It sounds complex but has been designed to be very user friendly!


Upon registering the customer is provided a unique IntelliCUP account only accessible by them.
The Customers account is never accessible by the IntelliCup system and remains secure. Once the Customer has transferred funds to their Account via an accredited Payment Gateway or linked credit card. Link a cup via the NFC or QR code chip in the base of the cup and enjoy the system.

No cash, no queues & a perfect serve time after time. Further security is ensured in that IntelliCup does not immediately take a customers money on a cup being docked.

Via the NFC chip the system first checks if there are funds in the Customer Cup Wallet, shifts the funds (as set by the Merchant for the beverage type and volume to be poured) to an escrow account.

Once the system has confirmed a successful pour based on the merchant settings, only then are the actual funds transferred. If the system confirms a failed pour the funds are returned to the Customer.